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The Great Lie

I smile when I think about the time I took Mom to tour an assisted living facility. She liked the décor and all the amenities but was hesitant to consider living there since she claimed, "everyone's so old here". Mom was 79 at the time.

As realtors showing clients around 55+ communities, we sometimes hear the same refrain. Active seniors resist the idea of living in a 55+ community because they cannot visualize themselves living in a place where there are "old" people.

According to a 6-year study, "many [people] believe senior living communities are filled with sick and debilitated old people who are inactive and who only complain about their health." While most senior living communities do have facilities to care for those who are frail, that is only one aspect of today's retirement community, which is modern, wellness-oriented, and activity-filled. But many - if not most - people have very negative feelings toward retirement communities. ("Great Lie About Retirement Communities - AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens," 2017)

What the average person on the outside of retirement or senior living communities doesn't realize is that when new members are polled, the overwhelming response is some version of "I should have moved here years ago." The barriers to making that move earlier are uncertainty and fear; enduring the hardship of downsizing and selling the home; braving the loss of familiarity; and, sometimes, the convenience of friends and family. Once the barriers are toppled and the move is made, the result is opportunities for personal growth, friendship and community, and a newfound freedom that comes with an abundance of stress-free time.

So, what is the truth about living in a 55+ Active Adult Community?

1. There are more people like you than you realize. Many seniors are still working. The people you see during the day don't necessarily represent the population of the community.

2. Although there are many activities to choose from, you don't have to do anything - there's no pressure. After a while, most residents take part in some activity.

3. People think that they will keep the same neighbors and friends around them if they stay put (don't move). The reality is that children move away (with your grandkids) to be in neighborhoods that have more young families. Your friends will most likel
y move away to be closer to their grandchildren. When a senior moves into senior living, they are immediately surrounded by a large, new group of friends from all backgrounds who have many things in common.

4. Seniors think that they will longer if they stay home (don't move). Living in a senior community, where activity is encouraged and more easily attained by even those with mobility issues, encourages a continued vibrant life. And this promotes wellness and longevity.

5. Another benefit to a retirement community is the safety it provides by looking out for seniors, a vulnerable demographic. Safety equals freedom equals control for seniors.

Imagine a life where you are in control, where you spend your days the way you would like, with a variety of appealing activities to choose from and free from challenging responsibilities.

Would you get up late? Would you get together with friends often? Would you take up a new hobby or volunteer a few hours a week for the sole purpose of helping the community? What's amazing is all these things are possible without even getting in your car. Shopping and restaurants are within walking distance. Exercise facilities, entertainment venues and meditative sanctuaries are a stone's throw away.

You're safe. You're free. You're happy.



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