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Move to California and live longer

First of all, I would like to state up front that California frustrates me. Crazy politicians, boondoggle dollar wasters, celebrity plastic surgeries gone wrong, too much sun…what? Like all transplants from the Midwest, I miss the seasons. However, this is a fantasy because I really only want to experience a season for a day or two. For example, we had snow on New Year's Eve in San Diego. Children made snowmen, the TV weathermen were beside themselves, and the snowcapped mountains made it look like we lived in the Alps. It all melted within 24 hours - that was winter - I'm over it. It's January 5, 2015, and my outside thermometer reads 72 degrees.

Given all these sunny days, do Californians live longer than other Americans? According to the National Institute of Health, the answer is no. Give or take 6 months, U.S. residents, on average, live 80 years. Who am I to argue with the NIH, but anecdotally I see "over55ers" everywhere, and they don't look at all close to their age. Setting the record for the over 90 category in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, Harriette Thompson does not look a day over 75 (she's 91). I'm actually more shocked that they have an over 90 category. Susan Norman, 71, won the San Diego Ironman in the 70-74 category. How does she do it? She bikes, swims and jogs every day in sunny Mission Beach.

While my friends and relatives back in Chicago are slipping on the icy sidewalks and having angina attacks shoveling the driveway, we work and play in an area that has more sunglass retail shops than anywhere in the U.S. with the exception of Florida (and they have bugs). So even if statistically speaking, you won't live longer moving to California, you will be happier, look younger, and be able to post fabulous photos of yourself on your social network pages.

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Helen Yoder




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