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10 tips for a successful garage sale
Ready to free up some storage and find a home for your old clutter?
Follow these simple steps:

1. Take Inventory
Comb through your garage and interior storage spaces for items you're ready to part with. Sell items you haven't used in the past year, or a specific percentage of items from each category you own (e.g. 20% of all clothing, movies, books, etc.).

2. Assess your merchandise
Examine your belongings for cracks, broken pieces and sharp edges to ensure they are safe to sell. Make your merchandise more presentable by quickly cleaning off any dust, dirt or other stains.

3. Price to sell
Browse your neighborhood beforehand to assess your local yard sale marketplace. Adjust your prices to the general price range in your area for a competitive edge.

4. Follow the rules
Yard sale regulations vary by city - some require permits, others limit yard sales to certain dates. Check out your local ordinance for any permit requirements, scheduling guidelines and advertisement restrictions to plan your sale appropriately.

5. Time it right
Saturday mornings and early afternoons offer people more free time to shop. The beginning of the month may also yield additional customers with cash to spend as many are paid on the 1st of the month. Beware of holidays when neighbors are more likely to vacation.

6. Get the word out
If permitted, post signs on your neighborhood street corners and the nearest busy intersection. Design your ads with large, clear letters and bright colors for proper visibility. You may also post an online advertisement on websites like Craigslist.

7. Organize your display
Position larger items at the front and arrange all items by type or use for easy browsing. Remove items you do not want to sell to a hidden place for the duration of your sale.

8. Label and bundle
Add clear, visible price tags to all merchandise. Smaller and like-kind items may be packaged together to sell more quickly.



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